“Is it Halal?” - Australian Halal market on the rise, with Muslim population exceeding 500,000

“Is it Halal?” - Australian Halal market on the rise, with Muslim population exceeding 500,000

Have you noticed increased number of Halal produce requirements from your customers lately?

It may come at a surprise that this sunny country accounts for the whopping 20% of the global Halal food market. However, here are the facts: currently estimated at roughly $670 million, the market is striving to satisfy the demand of the 500,000 Muslim population in Australia, with predicted four-fold growth in the next 6 years!

The rise of the Halal food industry mirrors the increasing influence of Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world. This trend undoubtedly increases the global demand for Halal foods, with consumption growing at approximately 15% annually.

Australia has been supplying lamb and beef to some 100 countries around the world, including the Middle East. With a strong Muslim population and high industry standards, Australia is widely considered a leading hub in making, processing and exporting quality Halal meats.

Consumers trust Australian suppliers, who comply with one of the strictest Halal protocols in existence. The Australian Government Authorized Halal Program (AGAHP) relies on input from both the agricultural department and Australian leading Islamic organizations, ensuring firm guidelines and authenticity.

Interestingly, Halal meats don’t only attract Muslim customers, but also ethical buyers. In the gruesome world of factory farming, the Halal practices stand out as the animals must be treated properly and respectfully through their entire lives. The environment and local regulations make Australia the best possible candidate for these ethical practices.

As a result, the demand from both Muslim and non-Muslim populations is skyrocketing, and there has never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon and start offering halal produce. Contact us today to find out more – and confidently answer “Yes!” to the next “Is it Halal?” enquiry you receive.