Digitalization of End-to-End Food Supply Chain with DNA Traceability Technology Launched by OneAgrix and Its Ecosystem Partners

Digitalization of End-to-End Food Supply Chain with DNA Traceability Technology Launched by OneAgrix and Its Ecosystem Partners

Dubai, UAE, December 13, 2022: OneAgrix, Inexto, OriginTrail and their ecosystem partners announce a pioneering and comprehensive farm-to-retail solution, tracing beef from the DNA to QR code.


Food consumers can now verify their food via a digital audit trail for food products with their smartphones, which includes DNA verification of the meat.


This end-to-end food traceability technology was showcased at a high-end restaurant in the city by OneAgrix, Inexto, OriginTrail, and other ecosystem partners for the launch of their technology.


Current food value chains remain heavily manual, where food producers and food suppliers are dispersed and disconnected from each other. A study by a leading consulting firm estimates that a new digitally connected infrastructure for food producers could generate up to $500 billion in additional value for the global economy by 2030.


Food traceability technology helps build consumer trust and reinforce food safety by creating genuine trust and transparency at every point of the food supply chain and at the point of consumption. Instances of food recall due to contaminated food that have impacted consumers’ health can be managed efficiently and promptly, thereby reducing health hazards and lowering financial losses.


Considered to be the world’s pioneering and comprehensive food traceability technology due to data provenance and the introduction of full scientific provenance, right down to the DNA traceability of the meat product, the technology ensures food safety in the supply chain.

Inexto’s identification technology traces the product on its tamper-proof packaging, which is traceable to the farm and the meat processor. All data, including food certifications, is safely and securely recorded on the open-source OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, facilitated by Trace Labs’ Network Operating System. This trusted data is made discoverable and verifiable as knowledge assets via the OneAgrix platform.


This all-in-one turnkey solution for both suppliers and buyers is available on the OneAgrix platform.


This end-to-end supply chain transparency technology was developed as a pilot project for the faith-based food sector by nine ecosystem partners, including a private-public partnership. The pilot project is a cross-border transaction from a premium meat farm in the UK to a leading restaurant in the UAE.


“Industry players in the food supply chain sector, across continents, have come together to work for uplifting the integrity of the food supply chain. This pioneering, comprehensive end-to-end food traceability pilot project sets the gold standard for food transparency,” said Ms. Diana Sabrain, CEO of OneAgrix.


Žiga Drev, Founder and Managing Director at Trace Labs, the core developers of OriginTrail, highlighted,

“At Trace Labs, we are committed to building a more transparent, collaborative, and trusted global economy with the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph. This pilot is a comprehensive exercise following a multi-year integration of the OneAgrix platform, focused on bringing the benefits of blockchain-based technologies closer to stakeholders within faith-based food supply chains around the world to advance transparency and trust.”


OneAgrix is a B2B quality foods, faith-based trade ecosystem, and digital platform. OneAgrix’s ecosystem partners include:

  • Inexto, a leading provider of software and services for track & trace, authentication, and serialization;
  • OriginTrail, an ecosystem dedicated to making the global economy work sustainably by organizing humanity’s most important knowledge assets, leveraging the open-source Decentralized Knowledge Graph;
  • Hill Farm Finest, a UK-based farm providing premium beef; Longino & Cardinal, an Italian rare and precious foods distributor and caterer;
  • Halal Certification Organisation (HCO), a UK-based, independent certification organization in quality product mark assurance for halal requirements;
  • Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), the agriculture and horticulture development board of the United Kingdom;
  • AIO Partners, providing official Health Certification for exports; and a Fortune 500 enterprise.


About OneAgrix

OneAgrix is the world’s pioneering B2B quality foods, faith-based trade ecosystem, and digital platform. It offers B2B eCommerce, supply chain traceability, DNA traceability, blockchain-enabled verification solutions, logistics, and payments all-in-one turnkey solution for both suppliers and buyers.

OneAgrix is a Switzerland and Singapore-based company that has recently established its international office in Zug, Switzerland, and charting its growth and expansion into the European, Middle East, and African markets.

OneAgrix has facilitated cross-border trade deals worth over a billion dollars and signed strategic trade digitalization partnerships with government and inter-governmental entities to strengthen food security in various regions.