End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with DNA Traceability Technology Launched by OneAgrix and Ecosystem Partners

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with DNA Traceability Technology Launched by OneAgrix and Ecosystem Partners

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with DNA Traceability Technology Launched by OneAgrix and Ecosystem Partners

Dubai, UAE,December 13, 2022: OneAgrix, Inexto, OriginTrail and their ecosystem partners announce a pioneering and comprehensive farm-to-fork solution, tracing beef from the DNA to QR code.

Current food value chains remain heavily manual and disconnected along the food supply chain, leaving it susceptible to food fraud, and adulteration which lead to health hazards and reduced consumer trust. It is estimated that global food frauds cost the global food industry $30 to $40 billion annually due to loss of consumer confidence.

Nine ecosystem partners, led by OneAgrix, with Inexto and OriginTrail, and other partners have come together to provide an end-to-end supply chain visibility that connects food producers with buyers in one, seamless journey that is commercially viable.

Food buyers along the supply chain will be able to authenticate the claims of the food suppliers with just a smartphone. Combining supply chain traceability with DNA provenance gives buyers confidence that their food is safe and genuine. DNA traceability is a significant milestone in terms of boosting food safety and consumer confidence, given the various meat scandals around the world that have taken place over the past decade.

A study by a leading consulting firm estimates that a new digitally connected infrastructure for food producers could generate up to $500bn in additional value for the global economy by 2030.

DNA traceability of the meat product, combined with Inexto’s identification technology that traces the product via its counterfeit-proof packaging, traceable to the farm and the meat processor, provide additional layers of security along the food supply chain. Both food producers’ data and food certifications are stored on blockchain-based technologies of OriginTrail’s network operating system. These trusted, verifiable data are available to buyers via the OneAgrix platform which increases trust and transparency for consumers and wholesale buyers.

This all-in-one turnkey solution for both suppliers and buyers is available on the OneAgrix platform.

The farm-to-fork visibility is considered a comprehensive and pioneering technology and was developed as a pilot project for the faith-based food sector by nine ecosystem partners including a private-public partnership. The pilot project is a cross-border transaction, from a premium meat farm in the UK to a leading restaurant in the UAE.

“The US FDA has recently announced the Food Traceability Rule (FTR) which requires certain food types to have tracking and tracing. Although compliance for this new requirement is a few years away, our pilot project shows that this comprehensive end-to-end food visibility is commercially viable today and sets the gold standard,” said Ms Diana Sabrain, CEO of OneAgrix.

Mr Philippe Chatelain, CEO of Inexto explained, “INEXTO Solutions are yearly securing over 100 Billion products across their global supply chains and delivers the highest degree of trust and security to consumers, customers, and governments. INEXTO is excited to be part of the Halal End-to-End traceability project with OneAgrix, thus providing halal food product consumers with a demonstrated proof of origin and authenticity.”

John G. Keogh, professor of practice, McGill University and personal adviser to the CEO of OneAgrix elaborated, “OneAgrix has embraced collaboration with leading science, technology and academic partners to build a robust solution that enhances supply chain integrity in the high-end halal market. This is without doubt a significant breakthrough in leveraging technologies and science to enhance transparency and trust”.

OneAgrix is a B2B quality foods and faith-based trade ecosystem and digital platform. OneAgrix’s ecosystem partners include Inexto, a leading provider of software and services for track & trace, authentication and serialization; OriginTrail, a protocol connecting the physical and digital worlds through Web3 protocols enabling trust and data sharing between companies, organizations and blockchains; Hill Farm Finest, a UK-based farm, providing premium beef; Longino & Cardinal, an Italian rare and precious foods distributor and caterer; Halal Certification Organisation (HCO), a UK-based, independent certification organization in quality product mark assurance for halal requirements; Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), the agriculture and horticulture development board of the United Kingdom; AIO Partners, providing official Health Certification for exports; and a Fortune 500 enterprise.