The Global Digital Trade Ecosystem

Increase visibility, transparency, traceability and trust in the global Agri and Faith-based food supply chain

Food & Beverages

Manage Farms

Automatically finds and connects open-source information and predicts problems with smarter farm management solutions. Make better agronomic decisions through real-time insights by monitoring climate changes, humidity and optimal timings for disease mitigation and management.

Manage Production

Convert your physical products into digital, traceable assets ensuring increased visibility and transparency around product quality and compliance with food safety standards. Increase your competitive advantage when showcasing on a global marketplace.

Manage Trade

Manage your trades with real-time oversight at every step. Share verified, relevant trade data with your partners and create lasting trust.

Secure Delivery

Get real-time visibility on progress along the supply chain journey. Get access to real-time logistic solutions for Agri and Faith-based products to ensure the integrity and get Door-to-Door logistics anywhere in the world.

OneAgrix B2B Marketplace

Enter new markets, expand your reach, grow your business through our extensive global network of suppliers and buyers, and gain a competitive advantage with OneAgrix.

Smart Marketing

Convert every product into a communication tool that tells a traceability story and automatically conveys relevant verified data to consumers globally.

Who We Are?

OneAgrix is a pioneering global digital ecosystem with comprehensive Industry 4.0 smart-tech solutions. We digitalize and simplify every step of global Agri and Faith-based food trade to ensure greater visibility, transparency, traceability and trust for participants within our ecosystem. This ecosystem supports OneAgrix's B2B trade platform, which is at the forefront of a new paradigm of traceable and trusted global trade.

How OneAgrix's Ecosystem Works?

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, our smart-tech solutions enable our suppliers and buyers to monitor every step of the supply chain from farm to fork. We provide digital solutions for farm, production, manufacturing and trade management to increase and maintain higher transparency, visibility and integrity in global supply chain trade.

By generating digital data exchange that is universal, collaborative, and reliable, we enable smarter digital supply chains and address food system challenges such as food quality, food safety, food authenticity, food defence and food security.

Furthermore, we optimize trade through trade finance, secure escrow payments and smart marketing solutions—all on a single platform.

OneAgrix is revolutionizing the Agri and Faith-based food industry to improve the livelihoods of stakeholders across the supply chain and promote sustainable growth for everyone in the food industry.

OneAgrix Smart solutions include

Analytics & Insights

Uncover trends, identify opportunities and maximize efficiency with real-time analytics and insights into inventory levels, trade performance, and more.

DNA Traceability

Portable, real-time food authentication to ensure compliance and safety that is traceable from origin to destination. Secure the integrity of supply chains, improve the quality of your products and protect your brands.

Secure Serialization

Secure serialization of over 100 billion products annually offers increased Brand Protection, Authentication, Secure Serialization, Track & Trace and Volume Control.

Verifiable certification management

Verifiable and authenticated certificates ensure visible and transparent quality assurance of products traded on the OneAgrix platform.

How OneAgrix Can Help you?


Get access to capital, increase cash flow, and reduce working capital costs.

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Manage contracts, digital invoicing, and payments in one centralized system.

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Track the origin, quality and Halal compliance throughout the supply chain.

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Expand into new markets and grow your brand with our global marketplace.

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