Is Your Food Business Future-Ready?

The global halal food market was worth US$ 1.4 Trillion in 2017. In ten years, it would be worth US$ 3.2 Trillion, almost twice the size. The increasing Muslim population primarily drives this growth, but non-Islamic communities also purchase halal food since they believe it to be high-quality and eco-ethical.

A Great Opportunity

Businesses have to meet market demand for halal food. Catering to the dietary needs of

Halal food consumers is vital for companies to survive in the future.


But with Challenges

However, anyone operating in the worldwide Halal food market may confront various challenges such as:


  • counterfeit halal certifications and false packaging that can harm your company's reputation
  • food fraud can cause significant financial loses
  • climate change can affect supply chain management
  • tech disruptions may put your business at risk
  • growing consumer awareness about their food purchases,
  • stringent food safety standards,
  • complex halal regulatory frameworks.

These are just some of the challenges businesses face to stay competitive in the global Halal food market. But how can you address these challenges?

The Power of Consumers’ Awareness

Consumer awareness and preferences can have a powerful influence on any market. Halal food consumers demand more transparent and traceable information about the food they purchase, whether due to medical conditions or societal concerns.
They want to feel connected with their foods and expect some sort of storytelling from their food producers, i.e., farmers, manufacturing plant, etc. They want to know about the farmers or producers, and they are concerned about if these farmers are being exploited. They want to know if the food is truly grown as it says on the label, such as organic, non-GMO, and sustainable, or not?
This level of market-driven transparency requires digital systems to track and share the necessary information.

Can you provide it in a tech-advance manner or slowly rot it into a dinosaur?

A complete traceability ecosystem to help you
make your business future-ready.

OneAgrix provides a complete traceability ecosystem to ensure your products are of the highest quality and meet consumer expectations.

We provide you with the best digital tools to offer safe products through an efficient supply chain system that all involved parties can trust, from farmers and manufacturers to the end customers.

Oneagrix deployment kit is created to ensure complete farm-to-fork traceability and includes:

Secure Data Sharing via Blockchain

Thanks to tamper-proof and immutable blockchain technology, data sharing between you and your supply chain are more secure than ever. Your customers can have access to complete data records, such as ISO and Halal certifications, the name of the certifying body, and export certificates. With this data sharing, non-compliance will be rooted out to improve the quality of your products.

End-to-End Visibility for Supply Chain Optimization

OneAgrix's track-and-trace capabilities will give you end-to-end visibility of the supply chain by providing a full digital track record of logistics and transportation across borders.
Track all phases throughout the supply chain to optimize your supply chain. It will equip you with powerful product recall capabilities and enable you to make informed decisions on unforeseen food supply shortages and new market trends.

Secure Serialization

The serialization allows your customer to access the provenance of a food product. Secure serialization can help you fight against counterfeit Halal logos and false packaging that can put your business reputation at risk. Moreover, you’ll be able to share the story of your products and advertise with confidence. Consumers will fully trust your products because of the QR code, which is unique for each product.

DNA Testing Capabilities Without Leaving the Platform

Our DNA testing services help you gain real-time insights into the provenance of products and freshness, purity, and animal species identification, helping you stop food adulteration, fraud, and tampering.
DNA testing can be done on-site within 30 minutes with rapid and portable devices at affordable costs. You’ll have the option to choose either regular audits or random sampling plans to protect your brand against identity thieves!

You sell with confidence when you prove your products are of the highest quality.


By becoming a part of the OneAgrix ecosystem, you can be confident in your product’s quality. From farm to fork, complete transparency and control will be at your fingertips.


OneAgrix provides a cost-effective means for your business to meet consumer demands and achieve long-term success in the global Halal food market by providing the highest degree of service and transparency to your customers.

Diversify and Gain a Competitive Edge


Implementing traceability and transparency in your food and agriculture business is vital to gaining a competitive edge against your competitors.
The best way to differentiate your company is to comply with international standards and show that you take food safety seriously. It will be a great investment in brand loyalty, market share, and improved relationships with all parties along the supply chain.


What will you get when you become a part of the OneAgrix Ecosystem?


OneAgrix's streamlined & automated Track and Trace system can help you improve productivity and enhance visibility in the supply chain. It's scalable, adaptable and flexible to meet customer needs, ensuring that you're future-ready.


Better Brand Positioning


Using OneAgrix Track and Trace capabilities, businesses can have better brand positioning and competitive advantage in their markets.


Enhanced Product Visibility


Businesses can gain visibility into their product movement by tracking products through RFID-enabled transport containers or pallets. This visibility can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.


Increased Customer Trust


Customers are demanding more information about where their food comes from. OneAgrix traceability deployment toolkit allows businesses to respond to this demand while also improving quality control.
With the ability to quickly identify internal production errors and supplier defects, brands retain end-customer confidence by promptly disposing of defective goods.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors by Making your Products traceable