Nescafé Gold Creamy Latte

Nescafé Gold Creamy Latte 12 sticks

With NESCAFÉ Gold Creamy Latte, we start and end with nothing but best. The best beans carefully handpicked and artfully crafted to deliver the perfect cup, of strong intense coffee.

Minimum order Quantity (MoQ) = 1 x 20’ FCL

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First comes meticulous detail as only the finest beans are handpicked. Then the craftsmanship. A gentle roast brings out its intense aroma and exquisite taste, promising you a creamy cup of rich indulgence that could only be NESCAFÉ Gold Creamy Latte.

  •  Every cup of Creamy Latte is uniquely made with fine ingredients, craftmanship and pure passion
  • Every sip offers a surprisingly creamy and delicate indulgence with a thin crema
  • Made from carefully selected beans
  • Manufactured by Nestle Malaysia and Halal Certified
  • Each pack contains 12 sticks with 33g each and include one unit coffee stirrer from seller

More Information
Halal certification body JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia)
Food Safety & Trade Certificates No
Suppliers Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd
Countries Malaysia
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