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As a smart supplier of food or agri products, you know how FATAL the number "ONE" can be in business. For example, relying only on ONE Market to sell your products can seriously affect your bottom line.

So imagine if you could escape from the slowing demand of your existing markets that are killing your business. You see … It’s NOT YOUR FAULT when markets change or politics throw up barriers, because they are BEYOND your control.

But that’s not much consolation when your overheads are relentless (it doesn't stop does it?) and your stock has no where to go and is just piling up in your warehouse/farm... ...and the ordeal of having so much to offer to your buyers, but not getting enough buyers, or no buyers at all?

Fortunately, there’s NOW a smart and easy way you can TAKE CONTROL of your marketing on AUTO-PILOT... having much more choices of prospective buyers - globally. NO LONGER will you be the PLAYTHING of fickle markets or politically motivated sanctions. Because there is now A REALLY SIMPLE WAY you can explode your bottom line by commanding BETTER prices...
...selling your products directly to eager buyers worldwide – particularly to the burgeoning countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia that are keen to buy your food or agri products to cater to the RISING needs of the Muslims (more than 1/4 of the global population by 2030!)

And all it takes is a simple new online marketplace you can quickly and easily access from your smart phone, called OneAgriX. This marketplace is ALSO at the "click of a button" for the BUYERS who are looking for what YOU have to sell.

And, because it is dedicated to trading HALAL food or agri products ONLY – it does this with lightning speed. And, as you know, the ability to close a deal fast is what your buyers want. Remember - when it comes to being a successful supplier, you have to have a reliable and efficient source.

Did You Know?

There's a sharp Rise in demand for Halal products from the Affluent and Well-traveled Muslims, worldwide? They crave premium Halal food products from all corners of the world as much as they Crave immersing themselves in the experience of different cultures.

Supplying Halal food is the need of the hour concerning the vast population of Muslims all around the world and... ...with the internet age and advancement of technology, more developments on FREE TRADE, cheaper logistics ie: shipping allow your BUSINESS to go global and to meet the demands, fill the gap of SUPPLYING to buyers in the form of:

  • Coffee chains and cafes
  • Retailers.
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Theme parks
  • Cruise lines
  • Air lines
  • Tourism

Cross border trade which was once only available to the select few big corporations of the world with deep pockets, is now available to you; all at the convenience of an ALL-IN -ONE safe and secure platform: OneAgriX

Here, you can negotiate directly with serious, long-term buyers, even if they are on the other side of the world. And, because you are dealing directly with the buyer – you’ll have a better chance at selling at a HIGHER price. That makes it a very agreeable win, win deal for BOTH you the supplier and the buyer, enabling you to build strong, long term repeat relationship with them.

You can quickly close the deal at a great price for you and then get back to what you do best – growing your business. All of which means you now have CLEAR CHOICES of prospective buyers. You can either carry on as before, making a tiny profit, just selling to your local (or limited few) markets with the constant worry of posting a loss.

OR ..

You can be smart and take full advantage of OneAgriX for the best possible prices to the big new Global, Halal market that is spreading like wild fire, right now. What’s more, you’ll be able to do it with less effort than you have in the past. So, if you want to be free of money worries by making BIGGER profits while having more time left to concentrate on your business, then

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NEW in 2019: Oneagrix Inks Partnerships with 2 Industry-Leading Companies that will Truly Make International Transactions Friction-less, Transparent and SAFE!

By Partnering with and Freightos, OneAgrix is the first online Halal B2B global marketplace to offer an all-in-one platform that allows businesses the options to Procure, Pay and Ship.

1) since its creating in 1999, has safely processed over $3.5 billion in transactions. The company’s reputation as a safe and secure escrow payment source gives OneAgrix a major boost as it continues to grow. The transaction services provided by will protect businesses buying and selling through the OneAgrix platform.

The financial website is licensed and regulated, complying with international escrow law and secures transactions anywhere between $100 to $10,000,000+ provides a safe way to do business and gives Halal businesses even more reason to use OneAgrix to connect with other companies.

Here's an Case Study:

An American supplier needs to ship 20,000 tons of alfalfa hay to buyer in China.

Multiple shipments of the goods must be made to a port on the West Coast of the United States.

The marketplace needs to coordinate the payment, shipment, inspection, and acceptance before FOB for each milestone in the transaction while staying in compliance with the relevant regulations.

The API allows the marketplace to initiate, coordinate, and track this work, ensuring that both the buyer and seller are protected.

2) Freightos

Freightos is a $94 million-funded Logistics provider that lets users book, manage and track shipments with more than 1,200 logistics providers. The best thing about partnering with them is that NOW, you can get instant ocean, air and express shipping quotes to complete your sourcing experience.

The best thing about partnering with them is that NOW, you can get instant ocean, air and express shipping quotes to complete your sourcing experience.

Freightos powers international freight for thousands of businesses - from MSMEs to Fortune 500. Spend less time and money getting your goods where they need to go by booking and managing shipments all in one platform. as-seen-on:

Procure - Pay - Ship, All In One Place: OneAgrix

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