OneAgrix Appoints Kevin Dean as Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Dean brings over 25 Years of Supply Chain Technology and Standards Expertise to OneAgrix

8 September 2022 - OneAgrix, the world's pioneering B2B agricultural and halal digital trade ecosystem, today announced the appointment of Kevin Dean to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective immediately.

As CTO, Mr. Dean will be a member of OneAgrix’s executive leadership team and will be based in Toronto, Canada. Through this appointment, OneAgrix is seeking to bring senior and experienced technical talent on board as it moves towards a new phase of growth.

“OneAgrix is on a growth journey and the role of CTO is extremely critical in developing sustainable solutions to solve food systems and food traceability, building technology roadmaps, establishing relationships within the external ecosystem, and engaging with all stakeholders to position OneAgrix for continued success.”, said Diana Sabrain, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“With over 25 years of experience in supply chain technology solutions, including 17 years in standards development with GS1, I cannot think of a better leader than Kevin to become our CTO.”

Kevin Dean explained, “I’m very impressed with OneAgrix’s vision, and honoured to be working with such a diverse and talented team. The work OneAgrix is doing is more than just a commercial venture, it is solving some of the most pressing food production and distribution issues. OneAgrix is enabling farmers and distributors of all sizes by providing solutions, not just in connecting them to the market, but also in enabling food safety and traceability that ultimately benefit everyone, from the farmer to the consumer.”

Before joining OneAgrix, Mr. Dean spent 17 years with GS1 Canada, a Member Organisation of GS1, the developer of the most widely used collection of supply chain standards, starting with the ubiquitous “barcode” most visible on retail products. He has been a significant contributor to numerous GS1 standards, focused primarily on identification and traceability, and has used his standards and systems architecture expertise to design, develop, and advise on numerous applications. He has worked with multiple levels of government to promote standards and services for regulatory alignment and to ensure that GS1 standards are applied by industry in ways that preserve consumer privacy. Mr. Dean is a member of the GS1 Architecture Group, which is responsible for technical oversight of the GS1 system, in which he has lead or participated in numerous special projects to refine the integrity of the standards and to ensure their applicability to the present and future supply chain.

In the past three years, Mr. Dean has divided his time with GS1 Global Office, where he has worked to ensure standards alignment in the new GS1 Registry Platform and to refine the integrity of the GS1 system at a process and management level. He is a core member of the GS1 team exploring Verifiable Credentials, a W3C standard for cryptographically secure, tamper-evident electronic claims, and is co-chair of the W3C Verifiable Credentials Use Cases working group.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Dean has worked as a consultant to numerous companies in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain, not only with well-known names such as GS1, Frito-Lay, and Levi Strauss, but also with small- to medium-sized enterprises looking to take their solutions and services to the next level.

Mr. Dean is a licensed professional engineer who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Applied Mathematics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Queen’s University, Canada. He is also a licensed private pilot and an avid cyclist.

About OneAgrix

OneAgrix is the world's pioneering B2B agricultural and halal digital trade ecosystem. As a digital trade ecosystem with food traceability technology, OneAgrix aims to help nations achieve food security by solving the world’s food system challenges. Based in Singapore and Switzerland, the company is an official partner with the UN/WTO International Trade Centre, Geneva to empower cross-border trade of agricultural and food products in the African continent and emerging countries. The company works with business organisations as well as through private-public partnerships with numerous emerging countries. OneAgrix has achieved USD $1.1 billion in signed trade deals during the year.