OneAgrix connects Halal centric businesses with dynamic all-in-one marketplace.

A first in the Halal industry; Tech start-up is changing the face of $2.55 trillion food market

November 6th, 2018; Singapore – The Halal food market has been growing for decades. Yet, its rise has gone practically unnoticed by major players in the food industry. That is set to change with tech start-up OneAgrix. The savvy company connects Halal centric businesses with Halal certified food suppliers and more. It is an all-in-one Halal food marketplace that will open the door to a wide range of Halal centric businesses to thrive.

Founded by young and dynamic entrepreneurs Diana Sabrain and Raihan Ali, OneAgrix delivers an underserved industry with connections it has lacked. OneAgrix not only connects businesses but it quickly provides buyers with product prices, a safe payment gateway and instant freight quotes to complete their transactions - A first of its kind in the Halal industry.

The Halal food industry is worth $2.55 trillion dollars by 2024. Many restaurants around the world have moved towards Halal menus. In the United Kingdom alone, a variety of restaurants from fast food to classic dining have adopted Halal foods for customers of all religions, diets, and backgrounds.

“Being in this industry for many years, I know, first hand, just how time consuming and frustrating it can be sourcing products through unfocused general trade sites like Tradekey and Alibaba only to discover you're dealing with entities who aren't the "real" deal,” said Diana

There are over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today, but the added number of people who have adopted Halal diets have greatly increased that figure. According to the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper, more non-Muslim Millennials have also adopted Halal diets. Halal foods have been called “the future” of the food industry, yet it has remained a niche market and ignored by many companies and investors.

Diana and Raihan created OneAgrix to open the doors of the Halal food marketplace. It is already connecting a wide range of businesses from around the world. OneAgrix will officially launch its website in December 2018; but the company is already working with suppliers and businesses to create accounts and connect them via the OneAgrix marketplace. OneAgrix vets all suppliers to confirm they are of the highest Halal quality. The fast and efficient marketplace is set to revolutionize an area that has been ignored for decades.

About OneAgrix

OneAgrix is an online B2B marketplace that helps Halal centric businesses find Halal certified Food, Agricultural and Nutraceutical products, suppliers, and quotes all in one place. We started the company because we are passionate about using technology to make Halal sourcing more efficient. We strive to make business owners' and buyers' lives easier. We're a secure platform for managing your Halal business purchases and supplier relationships, a trusted source of information, and a community. To find out more about how OneAgrix is transforming Halal business purchasing, visit

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