OriginTrail was founded in 2013 with the mission to bring transparency to supply chains and has led the implementation of several traceability projects around the world. OriginTrail's open-source, blockchain-based protocol for data exchange in global supply chains is enabling businesses to speak the same language with integrity.

OriginTrail was the first to be awarded Walmart's Food Safety Innovation Spark Award in 2017, one of the top key players cited alongside IBM, Microsoft and SAP SE in the Global Blockchain in Agriculture Industry 2018 Market Research Report and also mentioned as a trusted solution in World Economic Forum's white paper entitled: Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain for Supply Chains

Trace Labs

Trace Labs is a core technology builder of the open source OriginTrail protocol for inter-organizational data exchange. With the Network Operating System (nOS) powered by OriginTrail, Trace Labs is presenting user communities of the OriginTrail protocol with a bundle of enterprise applications, focusing on quick implementation, great user experience, and interoperability with legacy systems.

INEXTO's technology



INEXTO is a leading provider of software and services for Authentication, secure Serialization, Track & Trace and Production Volume Verification. Our technology is already securing over 100 billion products annually.

As a subsidiary of the Impala Group, and an industry leader in advanced digital enablement, our company shares a strong belief in the societal benefits made possible through digitalization and technological advancement.

INEXTO's technology is an enabler of transparent, trusted, and ethical trade.

Trace Alliance

Enabling Secure Data Exchange in Supply Chains with Integrity

The Trace Alliance is a non-profit association which connects businesses, the public sector, academics and technology companies in the field of blockchain research and the creation of practical solutions primarily for supply chains. The collaborative effort of the alliance aims to resolve a variety of challenges and come up with solutions for a wide range of use cases through achieving increased supply chain integrity, data governance, transparency and trust.