Your Business May Be At Risk!

The Halal industry is worth trillions of dollars. The growing demand for Halal products has led to infiltration by shady suppliers with counterfeited certificates and fake products. These suppliers can put your business reputation at stake. 

The question is: are you willing to take the risk on these fraudulent and harmful products?

Or do you want to protect your business and invest in genuine halal food suppliers that have gone through rigorous verification and authentic certifications?

Diversify Your Procurement Needs as a Hedge Against Food Insecurity and Increased Prices

As a food business owner, you have to maintain a continuous supply chain. However, trade wars and border closures due to natural disasters make it difficult for goods to enter your market. With the rising demand for Halal products and a scarce supply of reliable Halal food suppliers, meeting the need has become difficult. Not to mention cargo theft- an unavoidable problem with your global supply chain.

Unnecessory Risks

Relying on one source, one supplier, or one country for your purchasing needs unnecessarily increases risk

Unexpected Price Inflation

Food hoarding practices among countries globally cause price inflation.

Food Shortages

Sudden supply disruptions cause shortages of food products.

Border Closures

Cross-Border Trade closes due to political and social unrest.

Will you be able to SURVIVE such a situation? Probably, not!

What can you do, then?

Spreading risks by diversifying your procurement needs and investing in digital solutions provides you with the competiti​ve edge to survive and thrive in the unpredictable food market.

Protect Your Business from Falling Victim to Food Fraud

Food scam is a growing concern in the Halal food industry!

Food fraudsters are infiltrating the Halal market with fake products and counterfeit certificates. You need to protect your business from these false suppliers because you will be the one to take responsibility when consumers purchase their counterfeit goods.

Even if you are purchasing from a trustworthy supplier, you are still at risk of food fraud because the Halal label does not guarantee that the product is 100% genuine.


Trade with trustworthy suppliers who can be verified at any stage of a supply chain for a lasting business relationship and your brand success.

How to Fight These Food System Challenges?

Trsut, Transparency and End-to-End Halal Integrity

Halal is predicated on trust & credibility in certifications and processes. The viability of this is achieved only by maintaining end-to-end halal integrity via unbroken supply & value chains.

Transparency and Visibility

Increased transparency and visibility of processes within halal supply chains help to prevent food fraud.

Robust Logistics

Fast and reliable logistics are essential for global trade to have a better control over inventory.

Diversification and Authentication

Diversification of sourcing, authentication, and verification of new entrants into the halal market ensures the authenticity of your product.

Introducing OneAgrix

The World's Largest Agricultural & Halal Ecosystem Infrastructure

OneAgrix is an All-in-Solution for seamless B2B trading that can guarantee the integrity of your supply chain. Without ever leaving OneAgrix's platform, buyers can enjoy:

Global Access

Access global database of suppliers, authentic products, integrated logistics, and digital supply chains.

Track & Trace

Track livestock and observe DNA traceability through the supply chain.

Escrow Payments

Payment assurance and two-factor authentication to ensure fraud-free transactions via Escrow.

Informed Decisons

Streamline your sourcing process for timely procurement decisions. Analyze past transaction data to benchmark suppliers and forecast market trends.

Verify Suppliers

Verify the authenticity of suppliers and Halal certificates with OneAgrix' Blockchain-powered Marketplace.


Maximize transparency within your supply chain with low-cost, high-speed data analytics solutions.

Join Oneagrix today!

Buy Food Products Anywhere in the World Without the Hassle of Transferring Money

Secure Payments

OneAgrix provides buyers with a secure payment solution through Escrow to offer:

  • Easier, risk-free, and safer fund transfers.
  • Zero chance of losing money or stock due to fraud or cargo theft.
  • Low transactional fees
  • Dispute resolutions
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OneAgrix-The First Platform to Fight Food Fraud

No one wants to suffer the reputational risk of buying fake branded products.

You get what you see on the OneAgrix platform. When you buy online on OneAgrix, you are guaranteed that you are ordering the brands you see on our platform.

Our vetted and certified network of suppliers offer:

  • authentic food products at affordable prices
  • genuine and anticounterfeit halal certified products
  • original brand products
  • farm to fork food transparency assurance
  • fast, secure, and accountable trade
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Our Industry partners

Food Transparency

Our B2B platform offers food transparency capabilities that no other eCommerce platforms provide. Enjoy the confidence of offering your customers products that are:

  • ISO certified
  • Global Gap certified
  • HACCP certified
  • GMP certified
  • Halal certified

OneAgrix advanced blockchain-based ecosystem ensures that these certificates are genuine and anti-counterfeited, assuring you are buying only authentic products.

Why Should You Buy From Oneagrix?

Our Suppliers Are the Real Deal

Our strict screening process of suppliers ensures our buyers get:

  • authentic,
  • credible,
  • Fresh,
  • 100% Halal Certified & Halal compliant,
  • Muslim-owned products

Access to Large Database of Authentic Products

OneAgrix offers its buyers the options to select from:

  • a large variety of products from reputable brands,
  • exotic fruits and vegetables from around the globe, 
  • alternative sources of food ingredients from sustainable brands and directly from reliable farmers.

Robust Logistics

Book your logistics on the OneAgrix platform and get:

  • Instant shipping quotes or in less than 48 hours. 
  • Various shipping options to match your needs; air, land, and sea. 
  • Track and trace your shipments to maintain your inventory and avoid stock-outs 

Singular Digitisation Solution

Our B2B platform offers singular digitization capabilities along with the Entire Farm To Fork Value Chain. That means you will get:

  • unrivaled efficiency
  • choice and convenience
  • ease of doing business

Get a Peace of Mind By Dealing Direct With The Real Suppliers

Get access to global markets and halal food products from various countries of origin and fulfill your procurement needs easily and conveniently.

OneAgrix is your unique sourcing partner that bridges the gap between suppliers and buyers, providing one door access to all your procurement needs

  • Safe Payments
  • Flexible and Competitive Shipping Rates
  • Certified and Quality Products
  • Blockchain-Enabled Supplier Authenticity
  • Food Traceability
  • DNA Traceability
  • Halal Certification

Trade With Confidence and
Trust with OneAgrix

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