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Hi … my name is Diana Sabrain and I’ve spent many years facilitating cross-border, physical trading of commodities, so I know, first hand, just how time consuming and frustrating it can be for YOU to source your products the OLD WAY …

...wasting many hours sourcing for products only to discover you’re dealing with entities who aren't the "Real" deal. And then there are the hours that get gobbled up searching for products on (unfocused) "general" trade sites, like Tradekey and Alibaba, etc.

How about the part where you need to verify the legitimacy of the supplier - some even deploying the "old school" method of physically travelling to check out the suppliers. And if the long flights aren’t bad enough, there’s the equally long – and more grueling – drive over bad roads to get to remote manufacturing plants or farms.

It was based on such exhausting visits that the inspiration HIT me like a freight train. So I commissioned some world class programmers to create a silky-smooth, mobile-optimized, HALAL online B2B marketplace harnessing the power and speed of the Internet.

It’s called OneAgrix...

...and because it is dedicated to trading ONLY Halal food or agri products – it’s ULTRA convenient to use, as well as being lightning fast. And, as we both know, speed is of the essence when it comes to getting the best products at the best prices. Not only does it match you with the best suppliers to choose from... it also quickly and easily gets you competitive quotes for shipping, LIVE.

Now, the problem with other Halal general trade sites is CLUTTER - they try to be everything to everyone... ...where they branch out to cosmetics, electronics, fashion etc. At OneAgrix, we aim to NOT be a "Jack of all trades" and instead focus our expertise in our vertical - Halal Food and Agriculture.

Here, you get the full Halal product sourcing and trading experience in one platform. From your smartphone - direct to your door. Imagine a Complete buying experience which is fast and efficient, from searching for suppliers to SAFE escrow transactions to organizing and TRACKING logistics/Shipping, ALL IN ONE PLATFORM. We have it all covered: From the browsing of suppliers, to the procurement and to the logistics! And rest assured that all suppliers go through an interview process and individually vetted for compliance certificates and proper licenses.

Additionally, we partner with various Halal certification bodies from multiple countries and our in-house compliance team who work tirelessly with Government bodies to verify and ensure the supply of Halal products are legitimate.

Do NOT Miss Out On The Burgeoning Global Halal Food Market!

It is anticipated to reach USD 2.55 trillion by 2024 driven by the rising demand for the consumption of Halal agricultural or food products which are now well-known to be the healthier and more hygienic choice. This growing awareness and positioning (even among the non-Muslim community) is expected to drive the demand over the forecast period.

With over 2 billion Muslims (more than 1/4 of the world's population by 2030) who prefer Halal products around the world, it is important to deliver them the goods they rightfully deserve. To address such a gigantic demand, OneAgrix’s objective is to deliver vast quantities of Halal food while strictly observing the quality of the offered items.

What makes OneAgrix capable of addressing such a tremendous responsibility is our screening process of Suppliers, only allowing authentic, credible, fresh and 100% Halal certified, Halal compliant and Muslim-owned products to the buyers. Let OneAgrix lead your business to the path of success in navigating the Global Halal Food Market.

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NEW in 2019: Oneagrix Inks Partnerships with 2 Industry-Leading Companies that will Truly Make International Transactions Friction-less, Transparent and SAFE!

By Partnering with Escrow.com and Freightos, OneAgrix is the first online Halal B2B global marketplace to offer an all-in-one platform that allows businesses the options to Procure, Pay and Ship.

1) Escrow.com

Escrow.com since its creating in 1999, has safely processed over $3.5 billion in transactions. The company’s reputation as a safe and secure escrow payment source gives OneAgrix a major boost as it continues to grow. The transaction services provided by Escrow.com will protect businesses buying and selling through the OneAgrix platform.

The financial website is licensed and regulated, complying with international escrow law and secures transactions anywhere between $100 to $10,000,000+

Escrow.com provides a safe way to do business and gives Halal businesses even more reason to use OneAgrix to connect with other companies.

Here's an Escrow.com Case Study:

An American supplier needs to ship 20,000 tons of alfalfa hay to buyer in China.

Multiple shipments of the goods must be made to a port on the West Coast of the United States.

The marketplace needs to coordinate the payment, shipment, inspection, and acceptance before FOB for each milestone in the transaction while staying in compliance with the relevant regulations.

The Escrow.com API allows the marketplace to initiate, coordinate, and track this work, ensuring that both the buyer and seller are protected.

2) Freightos

Freightos is a $94 million-funded Logistics provider that lets users book, manage and track shipments with more than 1,200 logistics providers. The best thing about partnering with them is that NOW, you can get instant ocean, air and express shipping quotes to complete your sourcing experience.

The best thing about partnering with them is that NOW, you can get instant ocean, air and express shipping quotes to complete your sourcing experience.

Freightos powers international freight for thousands of businesses - from MSMEs to Fortune 500. Spend less time and money getting your goods where they need to go by booking and managing shipments all in one platform. Freightos.com as-seen-on:

Procure - Pay - Ship, All In One Place: OneAgrix

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