Pre-grilled Ostrich roast

Ostrich Meat is recommended as part of a well balanced diet and allows the meat lover the pleasure of a delicious fillet or steak, in the full knowledge that it is, in fact, a great choice!

Low in fat – only 1.4 g per 100 g meat.

High in protein – a high 22 g per 100 g meat.

Low in collagen – most digestible red meat.

A good source of biologically available iron – 3.2 mg per 100 g serving of meat.

Low in Kilojoules – approximately 377 kJ per 100 g meat.

KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat is free of hormones and growth stimulants.

Ostrich meat is the best choice for the weight conscious consumer because it is naturally low in fat and rich in protein. This, as well as the iron content of ostrich meat, will greatly benefit people with an active lifestyle. The fact that the iron is biologically available also makes ostrich an ideal protein source for people with anaemia. Ostrich meat contributes towards a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste.

MoQ: 1 Pallet = 500 kg

Pricing is FOB Cape Town, South Africa

$5,750.00 per item
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Pre-grilled Ostrich roast
Pre-grilled ostrich meat is easy to prepare and ready in minutes.


Seals the freshness.

Easy to keep and easy to use with little waste.

A long shelf life offering flexibility for meal planning.

Safe, because the meat has been pre-grilled and frozen.


Defrost the ostrich meat in the refrigerator 8 hours or at room temperature 3-4 hours.

Baste the meat with olive oil. For best results we recommend frying this product and serving it medium. The meat is then still slightly pink inside.

PAN: Preheat the frying pan until very hot. Pour a little olive oil into the pan.

Fry the meat approximately 1-1½ minutes per side.

OVEN: Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Place the meat in an oven safe dish and cook for 6-8 minutes.

MICROWAVE: Heat the meat for 1 minute.


Serve exotic ostrich meat with a delicious sauce, potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Mass: 500g - 600g.


Pre-Grilled Fillet, 2 x 125g, 250g or 2 x 150g, 300g.

Pre-Grilled Steak, 2 x 150g, 300g or 2 x 175g, 350g.

Pre-grilled Strips / Cubes, 300g or 500g.

Pre-grilled Burgers, 4 x 125g, 500g.

The products are boxed in 3-6kg master boxes.

The Pre-grilled ostrich meat is individually portioned and vacuum packed using multivac machines with clear lidding and base. For the wholesaler/BULK retail sector, and the Food service sector, the frozen range is packed in 5-10kg boxes.

MoQ: 1 Pallet = 500 kg

Pricing is FOB Cape Town, South Africa

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Halal certification body National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT)
Halal Certificates oneagrix-Cape_Karoo_International_(Pty)_Ltd-1363695576, oneagrix-Cape_Karoo_International_(Pty)_Ltd-1422056164, oneagrix-Cape_Karoo_International_(Pty)_Ltd-1558705413
Food Safety & Trade Certificates No
Suppliers Cape Karoo International (Pty) Ltd
Countries South Africa
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