Livestock (camel)

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Livestock (camel)

Breed of Camels:

Camels in Somaliland are all one-humped known as (Camelus Dromedarius). Two types of camels exist in Somaliland and are distributed according to their habitat. The one type is called a hill or mountain type; thus, camels of this type are small, compact, muscular and hairy with hard foot soles suited to the rocky environment of Gollis range. The second type is the plain type of camel which live in flat areas and are large with less hair and softer foot soles than the one found in rocky areas. Its price is between $400-$1000 according to age. 

Matured male camels aged between 8-13 years old are considered grade one as per their grading systems.

Vaccination reports and local veterinary protocols and paperwork for export:

  • Animals for export are inspected/tested for certain diseases like Brucellosis, FMD, RVF, camelpox, ORF, etc.
  • Which disease to vaccinate depends on the requirements of the importing countries
  • There is a quarantine system in place
  • There is a certification system in place that starts from the farm level to the final exit.

 Means of transportation:

Animals are transported in suitable crates. which are very strong to hold the animals and not give way during transportation and those crates have been tested on previous, small quantity deliveries. Almost all livestock shipments are by sea on specially designed and outfitted livestock vessels.  Packing list for sea and air as they need to maximize but not compromise animal welfare. We take pride in making sure that livestock is treated humanely because most of our customers are concerned that they are processed in a Halal manner.  We are also concerned about their welfare on the journey.

The typical length of the journey to GCC countries is less than one week via ship. To most of those states, the voyage is less than 3 days. 

For air transport, pending on the quantity can be delivered via charter. and we  have a partnership relationship with a charter cargo airline in the region.

More Information
Halal certification body Halal Permissible foods (Halal cert. not required)
Food Safety & Trade Certificates No
Suppliers Insight Horn Group
Countries Somalia
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