Pistacia Atlantica Oil

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High Quality Cold Pressed Pistacia Atlantica Oil. Pistcia Atlantica or wild pistachios are native to Jordan. Now the seeds are eaten for snacks. In ancient times in areas of Syria in regions where the olive tree didnt grow. The seeds were grinded between two large black stones to produce an oil used for cooking and as an ointment.

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Pistacia Atlantica Oil

Pistacia Atlantica Trees are of the same family as Pistachio Trees. It is a small, slow-growing and long-living deciduous tree with a native range from Iran to North Africa. known by the English common name Mt. Atlas mastic tree and as the Persian turpentine tree. In Iran it is called baneh. In the Canary Islands it is known as Almacigo, and in Arabic, it is called بطم (buṭm or buṭum). In southern Iran, in Bandar-Abbas in Hormozgān Province it is called kasoudang and in Bushehr it is called kolkhong. In Turkey it is commonly known as melengiç. In Kurdish the tree is called darwan or daraban, and the seed is called qezwan (قەزوان‬).The fruit is a small red or green berry which is pressed to produce this unique oil. This oil is nearest to its constitution and taste to olive oil. 75% of its fats are unsaturated. 

The fruits are used in spices blends, added to coffee blends and sweets.

The oil has been used as a substitute for olive oil in areas where it is available. The oil is very thick and is sometimes stretched with other oils. This oil is also excellent for the skin and hair.

Our oil is cold pressed, virgin, concentrated 100%.

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