Frozen yogurt

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Frozen yogurt

Ingredient: Yogurt powder(full cream milk powder, Lactobacillus), sugar, stabilizer, natural food

Usage: 1kg powder with 3.3kg water
1. put the water into mixer, and add frozen yogurt powder, whipping about 2 minute
2. put the mixed liquid in to cooler, can be ate when it cooled down to 2-8°C

Nutritional label                  NRV%
Energy                                 22%
Protein                                 21%
Fat                                        23%
Carbohydrate                     22%
Sodium                                6%

25KG per Paper bag with PE bag inner liner.

Shelf life
18 months in original and unopened packaging.

More Information
Halal certification body No
Suppliers Shandong Tianjiao Biotech Co Ltd
Countries China
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