Black Seed Oil

Supplier : Green Fields

High Quality Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil Virgin and First press. 100% Concentrated. This oil is pressed from the finest and freshest seeds available. To obtain a high quality oil which satisfies our customers needs and has  various benefits.

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Black Seed Oil

Mentioned in the Hadith. And with reference to the seed in the bible, this seed was and still is cultivated in the middle east. Black Seed or Nigella Sativa, or Habet Al Barakeh (Seed of Blessing) is an old tradition and remedy still used today.

-          Our oil is cold pressed, virgin first press from the finest seeds.

-          Non GMO, No perfumes, No fillers, No Parabens.

-          Therapeutic Grade. This oil is edible and also excellent for hair and skin.

-          Our items are not a price based product and are not bought because of their price.

-          The oils from seeds and nuts are cold pressed, Virgin, first press from the finest seeds available

-          You can find cheaper oils made by the hot process or made by soaking the seeds in chemicals or by adding cheaper oils like soya, cotton seed, or by adding propelyne or other chemicals.

-          Those oils are not subject to any international standards so cheating is possible.

-          We have the ISO22000 certificate by SGS and the Halal certificate for the black seed oil from the standards and metreology institute.

Smell: Characteristic. Faint aramo if made fro arabian seed, strong aroma if made from ethiopian seeds.

Color dark yellow if made from arabian seeds, reddish brown if made from ethiopian seeds.

Taste: Characteristic, slightly bitter if made from ethiopian seed.

INCI Name : Nigella Sativa

CAS Number: 90064-32-7

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Halal certification body No
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Suppliers Green Fields
Countries Jordan
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